SuNPe How to Face Power Shortage

SuNPe How to Face Power Shortage

2021-11-05 07:35:15
China must perform a balancing act between the immediate need to keep the lights on – via more coal – and our commitment to decarburization targets. Since late September, Local governments imposed power cuts and rationing on industrial users and even residents. Being an enterprise located in Pearl River Delta, we should make our contribution to environmental protection, and we did stop our machines 1~3 days per week in the past few months.

Blackouts are not that unusual in the country but this year a number of factors have contributed to a perfect storm for electricity suppliers and make the issue especially serious.

SuNPe who has over 400 machines (like CNC, injection molding , vacuum machines, lathes , oven, painting system, 3D printing machines, Wire cutting , milling machines , EDM and etc.) , and all are definitely affected by this power shortage storm. We were informed to be power cuts 1~3 days per week, that was not a good news for our clients and it is quite bad for order in urgent . 

We know there will be serious consequences if no action is taken . Finding a positive ways to face this challenge is priority among priorities .So that we adjust our working schedule accordingly . 

Extending night shift to make sure all our production teams like the department of CNC / Injection molding/ 3D printing / Sheet metal / Vacuum casting / Die casting /Extrusion won't be interrupted during processing

Packing team adjusted their working time as well to cooperate with production team.