Customized Extrusion Service

One-stop extrusion customization service,extrusion &

post-processing & surface finish

Customized Extrusion Service

Extrusion is the process of shaping material, by forcing it to flow through ashaped opening in a die.Extruded material emerges as an elongated piece with the same profile as the die opening.

For commonly used extruded parts, you can source it from the marketdirectly, but for special shapes or other extruded parts for industrial use that are not on the market, SuNPe can customize and manufacture them for you.

In order to save costs for you, we usually use the following two methods to make extruded parts for you,

● If the market can source standard extrusion parts to match your project, we will source the standard parts from the market, and then secondary processing the required holes, pillars or other features as per the 3D modelthat cannot be extruded.

● If there is no extrusion standard parts to meet the size, we will manufacture a simple mold or a formal mold according to your order volume, and then use secondary processing to deal with the features that cannot be extruded. We can also bend it as per your needs to suit your project requirements.

Surface Finishing Options for Extrusion

In addition to customizing the shape and do secondary processingfor your extruded parts, we can also provide you with a variety of surface finishes as below, they can also be different colors and textures.

● Basic finishing(deburring, sanded smooth, sandblasting, polishing and so on)

● Painting

● Anodizing

● Plating(Chrome, Nickel, Zinc plating)

● Powder coating

● Silkscreen, pad printing, water transfer

● Laser engraving

● Overmolding

Aluminum Extrusion Plastic Extrusion




Application Aircraft structural components, window frames, doorframes, motor housings, household appliances, automotive chassis, heat sinks, and more Pipes, shutters, weather strips, windshield wipers, door seal and so on

Advantages of Extrusion at SuNPe

● No MOQ at SuNPe, we can make prototype, low-volume production or big-volume production for you.

● We can customize part according to your needs and keep the mold at SuNPe for future orders.

● Provide other supporting services, such as CNC post-processing, bending, surface finish and overmolding etc.

We provide one-stop service for your project instead of to complete it with different partners, so that you can better manage your project and receive it more faster and higher quality.