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  • 20 2022-10 Industry

    EMI coating service at SuNPe

    At SuNPe, nickel-based conductive paint and copper-based conductive paint are widely used on products because they are much cheaper than conductive paint of other materials and have better conductive properties.

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  • 17 2022-08 Industry

    SuNPe Helps New Energy Vehicle project by CNC machining

    With the deterioration of the environment, green and low carbon has become the main theme of global development. The new energy vehicles have quickly develop as large quantity request in the marketing. SuNPe, as a global leader on prototyping and low volu

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  • 13 2022-08 Industry

    Vapor Polishing at SuNPe

    Injection molding parts, extruded parts, CNC machining parts can be vapor polished to improve transparency at SuNPe.Any holes, recesses, raised and other features that cannot be polished by hand or machine can be vapor polished to improve transparency in

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  • 09 2022-08 Industry

    How does SuNPe help with surface texture?

    SuNPe's painting finish offers different textures from matte to shiny, we can not only use mould texture such as Mold tech, VDI, SPI, etc, but also can customize the texture according to customer requirement. Sandblasting is commonly used surface finish

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  • 05 2022-08 Industry

    UV Coating at SuNPe

    UV coating process is a process commonly used at SuNPe, it can reinforce paint coatings, protect against UV rays, and make parts surfaces brighter.

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  • 03 2022-08 Industry

    Plastic ultrasonic welding service at SuNPe.

    SuNPe has introduced a ultrasonic welding machine so that we can offer more comprehensive services for our customers. After welding, the whole product is waterproof and strong sealing. to meet the diversified needs of customers .The ultrasonic welding mac

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  • 03 2022-08 Industry

    SuNPe's capacity in colorful anodize

    Anodizing is an excellent surface finish for aluminum parts. It give the aluminum parts attractive color, better durability and better mechanical performance. At SuNPe, we combines expert knowledge with experienced technology, to help you build the best o

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  • 01 2022-08 Industry

    Drager X-Act 7000 project at SuNPe

    SuNPe offers one-stop services from prototyping to low volume production, which covers the area of car components, home appliances, scientific products, medical devices, electronic products and so on. There are 10 sets of vacuum casting machines at SuNPe

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  • 30 2022-07 Industry

    Anodization is available at SuNPe for Aluminum parts

    Anodizing is a high-quality and affordable finishing process. Therefore, it is popular and used for a few applications across a wide variety of industries. And SuNPe has rich manufacturing experiences and had achieved lots of success in different industri

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  • 30 2022-07 Industry

    Knurling Service at SuNPe

    The knurling application that we commonly seen is knurled nuts, such as brass nuts, steel nuts and plastic nuts, etc.. These knurled nuts are widely used in automobiles industry, electrical components, electric appliances, medical devices, etc. For nuts o

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  • 30 2022-07 Industry

    How to Custom-Made a whole Unique Wheel at SuNPe?

    Fast Speed, Accurate and Highly Feasibility are the most significant features of CNC.
    At SuNPe,we have 210 sets CNC machine,included 10 sets 5 Axis machine from Hass in USA, The best tolerance we can achieve is +/-0.01MM.

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  • 30 2022-07 Industry

    What are the applications of EDM machining at SuNPe?

    At SuNPe, we have 20 sets EDM, which not only helps to produce the complicated parts for CNC machining, but also plays an important role in our rapid tooling manufacturing.

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  • 30 2022-07 Industry

    Interchangeable inserts for Injection Molding Project

    Interchangeable inserts is one mold to make several different similar products. SuNPe will consider this solution in the early design stage to support customer requirement for design flexibility.

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  • 29 2022-07 Industry

    5 Types of Metal materials for Prototyping and Production

    Metals are used very often in the fabrication industry. Metal products performance well in the prototyping and production of electronic technology, household appliances, architectural, industrial equipment components, transportation vehicles accessories,

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  • 28 2022-07 Industry

    How does SuNPe help with painting?

    Painting is not only the commonly way to coloring the surface of the prototypes and production products, but also can achieve the functional requirement. In industrial production, painting surface finishing is widely used in the area of automotive, home a

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  • 28 2022-07 Industry

    Comparison of Electroplating Chrome and Vacuum Chrome

    SuNPe's chrome plating process can provide better quality and faster lead time for your projects

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  • 27 2022-07 Industry

    How to solve the deformation of your prototype and low volume products?

    SuNPe can help you solve the problem of deformation in prototypes and low-volume products. For CNC parts, they can be improved by removing stress; For the vacuum casting parts, they can be improved by secondary curing; For the sheet metal and injection mo

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  • 27 2022-07 Industry

    How does SuNPe help with post-machining?

    Post-machining is where raw material or a component is taken for further working, usually involving material removal, and is carried out after a primary forming process. SuNPe usually use post-machining to meet key requirements of 3D printing, vacuum cast

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  • 27 2022-07 Industry

    How many polishing methods in the surface finishing?

    SuNPe can offer a wide variety of surface finishing.
    Polishing methods include Mechanical polishing, Tumbling, Fumigation/vapor polishing, Vapor Smoothing, Chemical polishing and Electrolytic polishing, etc.

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  • 19 2022-07 Industry

    Sheet metal prototype process flow at SuNPe

    SuNPe has own sheet matal factory which can support projects from simple bent sheet metal prototypes to complex mechanical assemblies.According to the difference of sheet metal structure, the process flow can be different steps as follows:laser cutting,fl

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  • 13 2022-07 Industry

    What is over-molding?

    Overmolding is a process that can combine multiple materials into a single product. SuNPe provides plastic overmold plastic, plastic overmold metal, rubber overmold plastic services for prototyping and production.

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  • 13 2022-07 Industry

    What is the Welding Process?

    Welding is a fabrication process that uses heat, pressure, or both to fuse two or more parts together, forming a joint as the parts cool. It is typically used on metals and thermoplastics, commonly used across a range of industries including aerospace, au

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  • 12 2022-07 Industry

    Barrel plating

    At SuNPe, we can provide various plating processes, for example Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Copper Plating, etc. Chrome plating can give a good appearance for the part, nickel and zinc plating can protect the surface against rust, like t

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  • 01 2022-07 Industry

    Wire Cutting at SuNPe

    Wire Cutting is also called Electrical Discharge Machining. At SuNPe, we are able to use wire cut to assist CNC Machining and make various metal pieces with complex shape or features, so that we can finish the desirable metal parts by achieving tight tole

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  • 01 2022-07 Industry

    Types of Spline manufacturing at SuNPe

    What is Spline and what types of Spline does SuNPe can do for you? There are 3 types spline: parallel Spline, Involute Spline and Triangular Spline. Engineer should be provided spline parameters: Module, number of teeth, pressure angle, addendum coefficie

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