Our Development History

SuNPe was set up in 2005 by Peter Su, who has rich experiences in prototyping, and has mechanical engineering background. At the beginning, SuNPe major to provide CNC milling prototype service for consumer electronics in China market.

In 2008, SuNPe began to turn the domestic business to international business.

In 2009,SuNPe starts to provide the CNC machining service and the vacuum casting service for the T1 supplier of automotive in the UK, succeed in making car door prototype, car lamps prototype, car bumper,instrumental panel prototype, wheel...,both the interior and exterior parts for the show car.

In 2010,with the business development and to be better meet the customer’s needs, SuNPe upgrades the CNC milling equipment ,set up the tooling and injection molding workshop. The CNC machining jobs of the metal parts became more and more, like the aluminium prototypes, stainless steel, brass, M303E,C45...,SuNPe also support to machining lots of cubing parts for automotive. With the own tooling and injection molding workshop, SuNPe has the ability and capacity to provide the injection molding prototype service ,and the low volume production by plastic injection molding.

In 2011,SuNPe established the 2nd plant. The tooling, plastic injection molding workshop were moved to this plant,and the sheet metal used for the CNC machining and vacuum casting.

Quality is always the most important thing at SuNPe. In 2013,we introduced the CMM, and set up the inspection studio to improve our quality system. IQC,IPQC,FQC have been strictly carried out.

In 2016,the 3rd plant was set up, the CNC milling capacity has a big expand. Meanwhile, SuNPe starts to support the precision CNC machining jobs for our customers, and start to use the 5 axis Hass equipment.

We always insist on "Quality is everything". In addition to ensuring to deliver the parts 100% on time, high quality is always our pursuit. In 2017, SuNPe assessed the ISO9001 certification.

After passing the certification, we did not stop the pace, adheres to the principle of market-oriented and customer-center, we set up the 4th plant in 2019, which including CNC machining, pressure die casting, plastic injection molding, 3D printing, vacuum casting, finishing services.

Till now, most of our CNC machines have been upgraded to advanced machines during 2019-2020, like Hass from USA, which achieve +-0.001mm tolerance in our own precision manufacturing workshop. We are constantly improving our own ability to provided one-stop services from prototyping to low-volume production. We insist to bring your product to the market in high quality with affordable cost and short time.