Huge Capacity at SuNPe

Provide fast and high quality CNC machining, vacuum casting, 3D printing, injection molding, die casting, sheet metal fabrication service

Huge Capacity

As one of the biggest professional prototyping and low-volume series production companies in China, SuNPe has more than 500 sets machine equipments, which can delivery your rapid prototyping parts within 1-7 days. Also can support your series production projects well.

More than 350 sets CNC machines

CNC is still our most advantageous service. SuNPe have more than 350 sets advanced CNC grinding machines, lathing machines and milling machines. Included 3 axis CNC machines, 4 axis CNC machines, and 5 axis CNC machines. Most of them are from the brand like Hass and Beijing Jingdiao, which can achieve +-0.01mm high tolerance.

10 Sets Vacuum Casting Machines

There are 10 sets vacuum casting machines in 4 PU casting workshops at SuNPe. It can enable us not only do vacuum casting but also can do over-molding and insert molding. The maximum prototypes can be achieved 2000*1200*1000mm.

40 sets Injection Molding Machines

With 40 sets injection molding machines from 30T to 600T, SuNPe can produce different sizes products and bring your product to the market in 1-7 days.

4 Die Casting Machines

There are 4 die casting machines from 300T to 1280T at SuNPe, we can offer aluminum, zinc and magnesium metal pressure casting service for metal casting production.

10 Sets Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

We have 10 sets bending, laser cutting machines, which can an build your simply bent sheet metal parts and complex mechanical assemblies rapidly.

3D Printing Machines

At SuNPe, we can offer 3D printing services, like SLA, SLS, FDM, which can print our customer product in 1-3 days.

More than 100 sets other assorted processing machines

Except CNC machines, vacuum casting machines, 3D printing machines, injection molding machines, die casting machines, we also have 100 sets other assorted processing machines, like EDM machines, wire cutting machines, lathe machines, milling machines, tapping machines, grinding machines, CMM measured machines etc.

With such huge capacity, SuNPe can offer one-stop service from prototype to low-volume series production.