Rapid tooling and Die Casting in SuNPe

Rapid tooling and Die Casting in SuNPe

2020-10-30 16:18:36
Rapid tooling and Die Casting in SuNPe

With the development of society, consumers are showing diversified needs and personality. Correspondingly, the market has put higher requirements for advanced manufacturing technology (AMT).
Rapid tooling is a good solution for low and high volume production.
“Customized core, Share mold base” is the biggest characteristic for our rapid mold.“Customized core” can inject or die cast the products we need, And ensure no difference from production mold, Shared mold base can save cost for mold and improve the efficiency.
We have tried for a few years and got great success, And we have been developing our factory and enlarged our capacity rapidly. The most important is we have many successful and recognized cases by our customer.
Currently, we have 3 departments for rapid tooling, including mold machining workshop, injection production workshop and die casting workshop .20 sets injection molding machines, 5 sets die casting machines and multiple sets of CNC & EDM machines have been put in to use.

Mold machining workshop

Injection workshop

Die Casting workshop

In near future, we believe that rapid tooling would be widely used in many industries.
"Be market-driven and focus on the customers" is always leading us to achieve new challenge.
And regarding the question : How to provide a better service to worldwide customers and upgrade manufacture technique? This is still a major concern for worldwide manufacturing company. We don't know when the next industrial revolution will come, but we can make ensure SuNPe is always on the way !