Types of Spline manufacturing at SuNPe

Types of Spline manufacturing at SuNPe

2022-07-01 09:06:33
SuNPe is a professional machining manufacture. What is Spline and what types of Spline does SuNPe can do for you? Let's learn from this article.

What is Spline?

A spline connection consists of an inner and an outer spline. Both internal and external splines are multi-tooth parts, the spline on the inner cylinder surface is the internal spline, and the spline on the outer cylinder surface is the external spline. Splines are generally used when both linear and rotational motion is desired. There are various types of splines used for numerous industrial applications.
inner and outer spline,various types of splines
(inner and outer spline,various types of splines)

Types of Spline Shaft:

There are 3 types spline SuNPe can do for you:

(1)Parallel Spline

This type has equally spaced teeth that are straight sided. It's easy to process, grinding method can be used to achieve higher accuracy. But spline broaches are usually used and unable to process no thru hole's spline. For the no thru hole's spline, it only can use slotting processing, but the accuracy is low.
Parallel Spline,equally spaced teeth
(Parallel Spline,equally spaced teeth)

(2)Involute Spline

This type has equally spaced teeth, but they are not straight sided. The tooth pro profile is involute. The teeth do not have the same proportions as a gear tooth, they are shorter in height. The processing is the same as gear. It's easy to achieve high precision and interchangeability This type's spline is widely used.
Involute Spline
(Involute Spline)

(3)Triangular Spline

These splines are the inner spline tooth shape is triangular. The pressure angle is equal to 45°of involute. This type of spline is easy to process. Tiny teeth and more that it's easy to adjust and assemble. Mainly used for light load and small diameter static connection, especially suitable for shaft and thin wall parts connection.

Triangular Spline,inner spline tooth shape is triangular,shaft and thin wall parts connection
(Triangular Spline,inner spline tooth shape is triangular,shaft and thin wall parts connection)

Here are the national standards:

TYPE/Country Standard Parallel Spline Involute Spline Triangular Spline
China GB1144-87 GB/T3478.1-1999 /
Japan JIS B1601-85 JIS B1602-1992/
JIS D2001-1997
JIS B1602-1991
Germany SN742 DIN 5480/
DIN 5482
DIN 5481
The United States Six slot rectangle spline standard by WEAN American Company AN-SIB92.1a  
(national spline standards)


Spline parameters:

Before manufacturing, how to design your Spline and what parameter you need to provide to us? Below chart show you about the parameter for reference.

Spline parameters,Design Spline,Spline Parameter
(Spline parameters,Design Spline,Spline Parameter)

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